Wednesday, January 13, 2021

What is this Blog About?

 I have been interested in political propaganda for many years.  My focus has been on Nazi and Marxist-Leninist propaganda, but there are often similarities in the propagandas of today and those of yesterday.  As comparisons occur to me, I shall post them here.

Note that the techniques of propaganda are common to  a wide range of users.  I may make comparisons, for example, between Donald Trump’s propaganda and that of the Nazis.  That does not mean I think Trump is the current incarnation of Adolf Hitler, even if I find him egregious.  First, Hitler had an ideology, whereas Trump has no discernible ideology that he has consistently followed.  I compare him more to a Central American tinpot dictator wannabe willing to do anything and say anything to maintain influence with his supporters. And second, whatever his deficiencies, Trump has not instigated a world war that killed sixty million or so people.

I suspect most of my initial posts will discuss Trump and his supporters, but propaganda is a set of techniques used by many on the political spectrum and I will find examples at other places on the political spectrum as time goes on and the focus on Trump blurs.

I will welcome comments that meet reasonable standards of civilized discourse.

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